The complexity of IT is continuously increasing with the global cross-linking of business and information processes, so that the amount of needed IT components (hardware, networks, data bases, base software, application components) continuously rises and accordingly their integration need.

The AMEC EUROPE Ltd. has expertise of many years in the field of i business process integration, application software and infrastructures. The results are flexible and cost-efficient IT landscapes.

Our service delivery spectrum in the area of system integration covers:

Strategic consulting and operational support during the selection and introduction phase of new technologies and architectures as well as their conversion in the Project portfolio.
Optimization of business processes as well as Design and implementation of integrated solutions using standard components (e.g. ERP systems), customer individual components.
Design and optimization of the IT infrastructure (application landscape, hardware, networks, data bases) as well as implementation of system management and monitoring solutions.
Migration support with the stepwise modernization of the IT landscape.
Security concepts and their implementation.

The AMEC EUROPE Ltd. uses Group State of the art integration-technologies such as portal software, Enterprise Application integration, Business Process management, Application server, mobile servers and Data integration server for the efficient integration of existing and new IT components. We are working as your service partners with well-known solution vendors.