Training / Coaching

With its promotion concept of universities of applied science especially in developing countries the AMEC EUROPE LTD. contributes through Group Members together with the vocational academy Thüringen to the modernization and improvement of professional training and education programs by means of the introduction of more business-centred international certified curricula and processes.
Basis of our view is the close orientation of the vocational profiles on technical functions oriented on the principle of creation of value and business processes in flat, learning organisational structures.

The selected Public Private Partnerships (PPP) financing scenario puts both private and public investors into the position to take part in the education of employees and society

The goal of this strategy is to promote the following skills: expertise, social communication, experience and adaptability for competent specialists in different economical technical and socio-political fields.

In order to fulfil the requirements of our global world we developed and provide the international certified standard Bachelor and master degree program in different area.