on the Website of the AMEC EUROPE LTD. We are representing a Group of Leaders of Consultants they are working World-Wide.

Our main Business activities are Consulting, Finance, Real Estate, Trading and Teaching. We support customers in provocative Projects on the Global Market.

Our office founded as Representing of the individual societies. Our experts locally have a deep understanding that respective culture and economy. As part of our global network
divide they values such as Entrepreneurship, Partnership and Excellence Administration.


Because of the new structure of the AMEC EUROPE Group, the content of the since years well-known and among experts estimated Newsletter will be extended with topics related to education and procurement of capital. As usual the fours quarter Newsletter will appear this year in September`2015.


AMEC EUROPE LTD. - Consulting

As a classical management consulting company AMEC EUROPE LTD. with activities in the following field: Economy, Consulting and Information Technology (IT). AMEC EUROPE LTD. provides the right answers for your concerns.
Based on our gain experiences in successfully implemented projects, we developed your internationally qualified interdisciplinary specialized knowledge offering portfolio.
Our Businesses focus is based on the following guiding principle

"everyone cannot do all and not everything can be done by everyone".


International Vocational Academy

The International Vocational Academy has its Business focus in the conception and implementation on international level of education programs for the Top and Middle management. We develop and set up in co-operation with national and private investors goal oriented, specific curricula and study programs. Our goal is to develop training programs, which are tailored to our clients needs and which are internationally accredited. Our Train the Trainer concept, which contributes actively to the socio-political further development especially in developing countries, is a concrete example of services we can deliver to our clients.

Information Technology

Today trough an efficient use Information Technology, company can effectively implement their strategies and achieve their economic and financial objectives.
The AMEC EUROPE LTD’ s developed strategies, concepts and ideas for the implementation of business processes, solutions and services will be put into practice with flexible and experienced project partners.