Oil, Chemical Industrial

From small installations to multi-phase megaprojects, we can support your upstream, midstream, downstream oil and gas activities at all stages of the project lifecycle, anywhere in the world.

At AMEC, we recognize that the Oil, Chemical Industry is constantly transforming along with the growing global demand for energy. New frontiers of exploration and production have boosted the scale, risk, cost, and complexity of projects. Melding innovative solutions and technologies with real-world applications, fiscal responsibility and meeting regulatory, environmental, and sustainability criteria are challenges that we all face.

These impediments can be turned into opportunities that we can maximize with a thorough understanding of client issues and needs, in-depth industry know-how, and meticulous strategic planning. We can help you pave the way by working together to build customized and holistic solutions that are the right fit and drive the results that you want.

Supporting your Upstream, Midstream, Downstream Oil, Chemical Activities

Our Oil, Chemical Industrial team works across all oil specialties and has proven international experience, at all stages of the project lifecycle, to effectively plan, design, implement, commission, and operate projects for oil and gas storage, transmission and distribution pipeline systems, and associated network infrastructure, as well as obtain the necessary permits, consents and ensure the integrity of critical assets.

From small installations to multi-phase megaprojects to supply refineries reliably, conducted technical and environmental due diligence studies to weigh operational efficiencies and vulnerabilities in support of stakeholder objectives, delivered power generation solutions for energy production that integrates with plant control systems, and oversaw the relocation of fuel pipelines to support municipality infrastructure modernization programs.

Translating Your Needs into Solutions

At AMEC, we have built our reputation by listening and understanding the challenges our clients face on a daily basis. You benefit from a full spectrum of tried-and- tested project solutions, developed both locally and abroad, because we’ve learned to anticipate the issues the industry will encounter in the future by constantly incorporating new thinking and innovative strategies to help determine how you want your company to evolve for tomorrow.

This is why our clients—oil developers and producers, transporters and storage companies, transmission and distribution network operators, investors, asset managers, national governmental bodies, and industry regulators—repeatedly turn to us for advice and holistic solutions. We maintain our commitment to our clients throughout our wide range of services, including strategic consulting, technical leadership, program and project management, planning, multidisciplinary engineering and design, construction management, environmental, and operational support to solve client issues, irrespective of size or complexity, optimizing operations and processes, and enhancing the value of assets.

Local Knowledge, Global Reach

With our expertise you can also leverage a wealth of industry knowledge from our network of engineering, process consulting, water management, project delivery, technical and HSE specialists.

Looking to fine-tune operations, improve downtimes, streamline processes, or reduce costs? We can help with tailor-made solutions that are flexible and adaptable. We are committed to delivering our projects at cost and on schedule, with robust quality control and design review processes, and an innovative templating and standardization experience.