Load Class according

Our WL4865 – 18″ Aviation Hydrant Pit Covers are taking 1.000iN (100 tonnes) load for 30sec to meet the highest security and safety aviation standards.

Sample of Certificates

Hydrant Pit Box

WL3640-01-AM – F900

WL4354-01-AM – F900

WL4354-01-AM-S – F900

WL5225-01-AM – F900

WL5225-01-AM-S – F900

WL6000-01-AM – F900

WL7900-01-AM – F900

Hydrant Pit Cover

18″ Pit Lid WL4865-01-AM – D400

18″ Pit Lid WL4865-01-AM – E600

18″ Pit Lid WL4865-01-AM – F900

Video EN124-1&3:LoadClass F900 Independent approval test.

Video EN-1&4:Class F900 test

Video 1,00kN/30sec single test – We are not able to break the Lid!!!!

Video 1,000kN/30sec test