18″ WL4865 – Hydrant Pit Lid

AMEC-EUROPE LTD. has engineered the 18″ WL4865 Hydrant Pit Lid in accordance with EI1540 6th Edition and EN124 (1&3): Load Class F900, ensuring a single test load capacity of up to 100 tons for 30 seconds.

Featuring removable feet, these lids serve to safeguard the Aviation Hydrant Lid, and the wear marks indicate when an exchange is necessary.

Retrofitting installed Pit Boxes, made by Warner Lewis (Parker Velcon), with our 18” WL4865 Hydrant Pit Lid, including certification and insurance, ensures the protection of your investment.

The test results for the 18″ WL4865 Hydrant Pit Lids have been certified by independent inspectors, ensuring their consistently high quality through quality monitoring in compliance with the EN 124 standard.

Technical Data Summary


  • Conforms to EN 124-(1&3) Load Class F900, guaranteeing a single test load capacity of up to 100 tons for 30 seconds. Video
  • EI1540 6th Edition

Diameter: 455 mm (18 inches)

Corrosion Resistance: Resistant to anti-icing agents, salt, water, and hydrocarbons.

Material: Aluminum alloy

Total weight: less than 18 kg


  • Feets with wear mark indicators
  • Standard lid without engraving / Optional: Customizable engraving
  • Standard insert plate ‘Jet A-1’ / Optional: Blank insert plate
  • O-ring
  • Retaining rope

Special Offer

Hydrant System Operators utilizing Warner Lewis (Parker Velcon) Pit Boxes are eligible to receive a one-time offer of three 18″ WL4865 Hydrant Pit Lids at a special discount.

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