SMART-Hydrant Pit Boxes

Please let us explain our understanding of SMART

Our SMART Hydrant Pit Box, compliant with EN 1&3 Load Class F900, ATEX, and other certifications, is comprised of Mechanics and Electronics.


The Mechanics section features custom-designed, welded Pit Boxes with screw-secured covers for straightforward maintenance in line with EI 1540 6th Edition standards. Our unique system (Patent pending) allows for cover interchangeability, facilitating the conversion of an Hydrant Pit Box with 18″ Pit Lid to a 20″ Pit Lid without civil work.


For electrical specifications, we offer heated Hydrant Pit Boxes with temperature regulation suitable for arctic conditions. We also provide a Bluetooth (BLE) access point equipped with a level sensor and camera. Integration into your PLC System is streamlined via our MODBUS interface.

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