Floor Pit in Aviation Manufacturing Facilities

In aviation manufacturing facilities, the manufacturing and maintenance of airplanes pose challenges to the stability of pit lids and pit boxes.

During the manufacturing process of airplanes, the aircraft are transported on lifting devices equipped with hard, small wheels that exert a concentrated load of over 60 tons on the pit lid and box.

Some hangars have cellars underneath where the pit boxes are suspended in the floor. In these cases, the pit boxes must bear the entire load and become acrucial part of the static structure of the manufacturing building.

Our engineering team utilizes the latest state-of-the-art design software, of Ansys and Autodesk, to deliver the most reliable results to our clients.

From the engineering and technical design phase, fueled by our expertise and the application of Finite Element Methods (FEM), to the installation process where we incorporate Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental considerations throughout commissioning, we support our customers at every stage.

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