Aviation Project Management

AMEC-EUROPE LTD. considers the essential Definitions & Principles pertaining to Aviation Project Management.

Aviation project management is a multifaceted discipline that necessitates an extensive comprehension of the aviation sector, encompassing regulatory frameworks, safety protocols, and operational procedures.

Through adherence to foundational principles, overcoming obstacles with proven strategies, and utilizing expert advice, aviation project managers can make a substantial impact on the prosperity and progression of the aviation field.

Aviation project management, as outlined in EI1540 6th Edition, includes elements such as design, construction, commissioning, maintenance, and testing of aviation fuelling facilities. It also covers lightning protection, design for natural disasters and extreme weather events, minimization of greenhouse gas emissions, sustainability considerations, battery-powered vehicles, automated hydrant integrity testing systems, hydrant maintenance vehicles, project management and contracting, commissioning of depot fuel systems, HAZOP risk assessment procedures, and factory testing of new hydrant pit lids.

Typically, a phased approach is used, with a confirmation process required before transitioning to the next phase. Examples of each phase may include the following:

  1. Concept design.
  2. Scheme design.
  3. Detailed design and engineering.
  4. Procurement.
  5. Construction.
  6. Mechanical, electrical, civil completion.
  7. Pre-commissioning.
  8. Commissioning.
  9. Ready to operate.
  10. Handover

Achieving the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives is crucial within the aviation industry.

This field stands out due to its complexity, stringent regulations, and the critical importance of safety. Inadequate project management can result in substantial economic losses, project cessation, missed objectives, escalated maintenance costs, and possible operational downtime.

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